Cóvid No Bosque

In 2020 I collaborated with directors Joseph Traynor & Simone Jenkinson of Cuerda Creatives on a short film project which brought together a community group to film in the magical woods and stunning landscape of Cedeira in Galicia.

I created the soundtrack and worked remotely with the extraordinary traditional Galician singer Silvia Picos Lorenzo.


“Covid No Bosque” is the simplest of concepts in difficult times: finding oneself lost in the woods and feeling the need to run, hard and far and free, towards the horizon. Towards a place where you can see everything from a different perspective and breathe.

This film came from a local community with a collective sense of urgency; a group of people who wanted to articulate the feeling of becoming strangers in a world which had shifted beneath their feet. This was our stake in the ground, our compulsion to do…something. The only budget on this production was goodwill, and yet that was enough to bring together artists from around the world: those shared feelings, like the pandemic, are global. Working with such talent was both a humbling and an enriching experience.