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DeadClub™ was a dance theatre piece and my second collaboration with Requardt & Rosenberg.

Commissioned by The Place and co-produced by The Place and Fuel, the show enjoyed rave reviews and a sold out run in 2017.


I composed the original soundtrack and sound design with support from PRSF Open Fund to realise the score which features a choir representing the audience of a game show in a club for dead people.

  • Mind blowingly weird
  • Time Out
  • One of the most enjoyably baffling productions I’ve seen in ages
  • The Guardian
  • A strong feature of the work is Dave Price’s sound design, which progresses from the idiosyncratic to the hellish, with the final minutes played out to sinister industrial percussion
  • Observer
  • There are solos that make the most of Dave Price’s soundtrack, a sort of percussive ultra-lounge which adds hugely to the David Lynch vibe.
  • Financial Times
  • Superbly surreal dance theatre
  • The Stage