Elephant Mother

A forthcoming feature documentary film from Bungalow Town Productions (2022).

I score produced and co-composed the original soundtrack with percussion legend Evelyn Glennie in our second collaborative project.


A classic fable of good versus evil, David against Goliath and a timely exposé; we follow Lek Chailert, a tribal Thai woman, as she struggles to rescue abused elephants from the horrifically cruel but secretive and deceptive Thai tourist industry, and give them a life free from cruelty and exploitation. Whilst she is globally renowned within the conservation world, the odds are all stacked against her as big business, political corruption, and a ‘mafia’ of traders and traffickers are ranged against her. But as the world hurtles into a global pandemic, Lek cleverly identifies this time of uncertainty and fear as an opportunity to out-manoeuvre her enemies and turn the tables.