I’ve developed and honed my composition and production skills over the last twenty years and create recorded soundtracks from my studio in Bristol.

Taking everything I’ve learned as a seasoned touring and recording multi-instrumentalist musician and theatre composer, my approach combines a totally open mind and intuitive experimental flair with thoughtful rigour and technical savvy.

I love a brief, I’m highly collaborative and value input and communication very highly.



In 2021 I was delighted to win a film music business mentoring competition via a Europe wide open call!

Organised by The European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) and global film music agency OTICONS, this was an amazing opportunity for me to learn about the film music industry.

George Christopoulos, Founder and CEO of OTICONS commented: “For reading a text there is the phrase: “reading behind the lines”, and I think that it’s equivalent for listening to music you never heard before. It is “listening to the ideas behind the notes and feeling all emotions that arise from the music”. This is what I am called to do every time I close my eyes and listen to a talented composer’s work. The music Dave has selected to pitch for this call was simply brilliant. Wonderful concepts, impeccably executed. Every composition of his was a complete statement. There was a visionary out-of-the-box composer at work here. Also, by reading his bio and visiting his site, I discovered a natural talent that I think deserves to be discovered by filmmakers and to be offered the opportunity to accompany their stories with his music. Nothing would make me happier than assisting him with my input to achieve that objective.

Huge thanks to George, OTICONS & ECSA for this incredible honour.