Institute is a visually captivating, emotionally driven performance, which openly invites its audience to consider what it means to care.

Gecko has a reputation for generating unique worlds, exquisite stage craft and breath-taking choreography. Institute uses movement, imagery and a range of choreographic styles to further explore the complexity of human behaviour. As well as being visually captivating, Institute is extremely intimate and often very funny. An incisive dissection of the way we nurture and care for ourselves and each other.

Amit Lahav asked the company, what does it mean to care for one another in a busy world of high-pressure targets and expectations? What does it mean to lose everything and everyone? Where do you turn?

Four male performers portray four very familiar human beings, each driven by a desire to care and be cared for…

★★★★ The Financial Times
★★★★ The Independent
★★★★★ Sydney Morning Herald
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