The Roof


Conceived and directed by Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg, produced by Fuel Theatre for LIFT Festival, Bristol Mayfest and UK tour May – September 2014.

Songs, original score, sound design and soundtrack production by me.


What would happen if you found yourself inside the head of an avatar? What if that avatar was then thrust into a brutal and unforgiving game?
The Roof’s intimate three dimensional sound, delivered via headphones, transports you into the body of a reluctant hero desperate to stay alive. The performers blend free running and contemporary dance in a fast paced, perilous performance in a purpose built arena.


“There is a cracking sound score by Dave Price which ranges from ska to electronica and often has a touch of Chris Isaak and the Twin Peaks music about it.”

Charles Spencer – The Telegraph


“Around this strange, dystopian world a mysterious DJ spins records “from out of the guts of angels”. We follow all this on headphones, each of us plugged into our own soundtrack. This is an inspired touch – Dave Price’s sound design plays ingenious sonic tricks, and the folky songs are excellent.”

Laura Barnett – The Observer


“…the score and music are particularly effective – So good is Dave Price’s soundtrack that I’m still humming along a week later.”

Lara Hayward –