The Wedding

We are all married, bound by a contract.

But what are the terms of this relationship? And can we consider a divorce?

Gecko’s latest creation is inspired by the complexities of human nature: the struggle between love and anger, creation and destruction, community and isolation. In a blur of wedding dresses and contractual obligations, our extraordinary ensemble of international performers will guide audiences through a dystopian world in which we are all brides, wedded to society.

Combining movement, imagery and provocative narratives in Gecko’s trademark style, our seventh touring production brings these contracts into question with an emotionally charged and spectacular performance.

We all want to believe in our journey, but where are we heading? Is it too late to stop, to go back, to fall in love, to start again?


Original music excerpts from Gecko’s The Wedding:

  • ‘There’s a terrific ensemble at work in a show that bursts with the joy of union…demonstrates the company’s ability to create a visual and aural world that totally envelops the audience.’
  • Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
  • ‘Heart pounding drama… get ready to be blown away.’
  • The Reviews Hub
  • ‘Offers its own remarkable, mesmerising take on the world we live in, full of horror and hope, fortitude and fear, love and lamentation and is an amazing achievement.’
  • Attitude
  • ‘The combination of spellbinding music, mesmerising dance moves and narratives in languages from all over the world, make it a truly entertaining and thought-provoking experience, no matter what message you take from it.’
  • Mancunian Matters
  • ‘A gripping eighty minutes of visceral physical theatre that will leave your heart pounding and you ready to start a revolution. It’s absolutely not to be missed.’
  • North West End